Arccos Now Available at Apple Stores Nationwide

2150873Golf’s first system combining GPS, Live Stat Tracking and Tour Analytics, ARCCOS, is now available at all Apple stores nationwide and online!

ARCOSS joins a small and exclusive group of sports tech products that Apple has selected to showcase in its nearly 260 locations. Each sensor can easily attach to the end of a club grip. Once it is paired via Bluetooth to the ARCOSS iPhone app, the system will integrate with a golfer’s game and allow them to view stats in real time as they play. It does not require any alterations to pre-shoot routines, additional devices, tapping or other hindrances to enjoyment and improvement.

CEO and Co-Founder of Arccos Golf, Sal Syed, states, “Our core consumers are very tech-forward, savvy individuals whose purchasing habits closely align with the large and knowledgeable customer base Apple has established. The leading-edge technology found in ARCCOS is unlike anything in golf and we’re very excited for players to experience it for the first time.” 2150872

ARCCOS will be available on as well as other golf retailers nationwide beginning in November. The system, in addition to GPS for more than 16,000 courses in America, captures critical data for your game and provides players with instant access to all information on distances hit, club averages, driving accuracy, sand saves and more. This will help golfers to identify patterns and refine tactics before, during and after each round.

The ARCCOS Tour Analytics platform has also been developed. This system automatically breaks down a players’ handicap into five key components: driving, approach, chipping, sand game and putting. This will allow players to analyze into what every shot means, understand how each part of their game contributes to scoring, explore comparative data and evaluate patterns across their golf history, supporting refinement of on-course tactics.

ARCCOS has been utilized by many of the top instructors. This system helps for their students to be able to recognize and correct faults such as club distance gaps, noticeable shot dispersion patterns and other problems that students may be facing.

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