Black Magic Golf’s New Hybrid Wedge Renders Traditional Sand Wedge Obsolete

Black Magic Golf invented the hybrid wedge known as the HWedge with their patented face forward design with USGA legal wedge grooves and a big sweet spot to assist with off center shots. Black Magic Golf’s Hybrid Wedge design incorporates a smart face forward design, allowing even high handicap players to gain an open club face for unbelievable flop shots and high, soft bunker shotsblackmagicgolf

General Manager of Black Magic Golf, states, “Stepping up to a ball lying in deep rough or in a bunker intimidates most golfers. Even low to mid handicappers who hit the ball well often find themselves helpless when trying to get out of the sand or thick rough. We wanted to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. So, we addressed one of the most difficult shot golfers’ face, the trouble shot. Our Hybrid Wedge is designed to make golf easier while still maintaining USGA specifications.”

Black Magic Wedges allow you to put more spin on your golf shot. The technology has a zero degree bounce angle at impact and are designed to dig into the turf or sand, lifting the leading edge up. This allows for the club to slide smoother under and through the ball with a cleaner club face. They will also help golfers to find new precision and create high, soft shots as they make their way onto the green.

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