Boccieri Golf Secret Grip Used in Top-Four Finish at Emirates Australian Open

Boccieri Golf’s Secret Grip swing grips are known for using counter balance technology in order to provide improved stability, consistency and control. These swing grips were used by one of the top four finishers at the Australian Open!

Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf, states, “We’ve been touting the benefits of counter weighting for 10 years. With the introduction of the Secret Grip, golfers of any skill level can easily and cost effectively take advantage of counter balance technology to improve their putting and ball striking.”

The added weight of the Secret Grip happens through a tungsten weight in the butt-end with a rubber compound that is 40% heavier than standard weight. With all of these combined elements, the club’s balance point is raised which forces players to use their more stable muscles. This gives players a more reliable stroke during game play.

Professionals have been using Secret Grip swing clubs/putter grips since they were first introduced in 2013. The putter grips have had 22 Top-1o finishes and are also endorsed by one of the Top 10 Instructors in the world, Rick Smith.

This year’s product line includes Secret Grip’s original, midsize, cord and three color models within the swing grip category.

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