Callaway Golf Announces Chrome Soft Golf Ball

Recently, Callaway Golf has released their new Chrome Soft Golf Ball, which is said to completely redefine golf ball performance and change what many golfers are used to in today’s world.

The Chrome Soft Golf ball is currently the only ball that features a brand new SoftFast Core that has a low compression and a Tour Urethane cover. This allows for low spin off the tee as well as incredible ball speed and distance. The ball will give your shots a soft feel, excellent control as well as aggressive shots. If you want a great feel and to hit the ball further, this is the perfect ball for you!

What makes this ball different from any others?

This ball has a low spin off the tee, giving exceptional distance. The ball is created out of optimized HEX Aerodynamics to reduce drag and increase lift. Additionally, the ball has a low compression to give a soft feel and compress the ball just like a Tour player would. The ball also has excellent control. The ball is built for consistency that is very dependable.

This ball will be released on January 16, 2015! Check out the following video to get more information.

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