Blackstone Valley

Run For Fall

There are some fun events happening in The Blackstone Valley revolving around fall holidays and activities. Whether you like running in competition or for recreation, these two events are fun for you and your family to attend while the weather is … Read More

Explore The Blackstone Valley

There are so many outdoor activities to with or with out the family in the Blackstone Valley. When staying for a long weekend or even a full vacation, there is only so many outdoor adventures to do before you’re completely … Read More

19th hole: Lunch On The Porch

planOuting1-300x153After that 18th hole on your favorite course Shining Rock you’re feeling extremely exhausted and hungry.  Luckily there is a great lunch … Read More

History of Blackstone Valley

Blackstone Valley has been called “the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution.” The Blackstone River, which runs from Worcester, MA to Providence, RI, is powered through the Slater Mill in Pawtucket, RI. The Slater Mill is America’s first successful cotton … Read More