Find Your Stray Shots With The Ballfinder Scout

ball finder


The only thing worse than hitting your ball in the rough, is not being able to find that ball in the rough.  The Ballfinder Scout can now be your right hand man in finding your stray shot. This gadget is unable to find balls that land in water, or are completely covered it with that being said, it is able to find your ball if one percent is visible.

The device has a 3.2 megapixel high-resolution digital camera that can lo

cate balls up to 35 feet away. When you walk up to the area, press the green button and It will vibrate and display a red cursor around the ball on the screen. It will be easy to see because the 1.25-inch screen is LCD. The blue lights will then guide you to the ball.

This $179 device can search up to 600 square feet in one second. The fast acting gadget with amazing accuracy is a must have for you adventurous golfers.

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