Golf Pride Develops Performance Innovations in New MCC Plus4™

Eaton announced today that the Golf Pride grips division will be growing its MCC family, the #1 hybrid grip on Tour, with the introduction of the brand new MCC Plus4! These grips will take the same upper hand and lower hand design and combine it with brand new technologies that are specifically created to provide golfers with more power and confidence from tee-to-green.

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Currently, 80% of global Tour players trust Golf Pride, and no one knows their grip preferences better. The MCC Plus4 was designed to be able to meet the needs of more than 70% of Tour players who build up their grips in order to reduce tension in their hands.

Golf Pride is currently offering this performance preference to all golfers. In comparison to the original MCC, the MCC Plus4 encourages lighter grip pressure which can help to increase swing power. This also uses a new soft compound in the lower hand in order to enhance feel.

The upper half of the MCC Plus4 offers several different performance advantages for the hand. It uses a new, soft performance-rubber for stability as well as the Brushed Cotton Technology cord for moisture management and maximum traction. With the combination of upper and lower technologies, there will be an enhanced feel and performance for each hand.

Brandon Sowell, global director of sales and marketing for Golf Pride, states, “We’ve used that knowledge to create the MCC Plus4, which reflects the shape and design preferences of the game’s best players, to improve performance and feel for golfers of all skill levels.”

These grips are available in blue, grey and red and weigh about 52 grams with a core diameter of 60 Round. The MCC Plus4 will be available for purchase on March 15th!

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