Hirzl Staffer Jake Hansen Wins The International Long Drive Championship

HIRZL is the #1 Long Drive Golf Glove that has received dozens of professional golf victories throughout the past couple of years. This past week, another professional long drive title has been earned by Jake Hansen and his team (International Team 2), when they defeated Canada Team 4, winning the entire championship.

The International Long Drive Championship finals were held at the Los Mangos Golf Club located in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Golfers had to endure the incredibly hot and humid air, which challenged them throughout the game. Jake Hansen states, “Using HIRZL Gloves, I became the 2014 ILDC Championship in the team division. These gloves helped me battle the extreme heat and humidity.”


How did these gloves help battle the painfully hot weather?

HIRZL gloves specialize in HIRZL GRIPPP technology, ensuring a maximum grip under all weather conditions. This is vital for elite long drive athletes who generally swing the golf club up to 150mph.

Steve Gray, VP of Sales and Marketing at HIRZL, states, “In addition to the heat and muggy conditions, Jake and the International Team 2 had to compete with gusting headwinds which is exceptionally difficult – going out of bonds could have eliminated them from the competition. Our gloves provided Jake with the best grip possible which contributed to his overall performance and confidence…”

HIRZL gloves give “the ultimate glove experience”, manufactured with genuine leather, natural kangaroo or cabretta leather, tanned with a propriety technology. In addition, there is a sweat band that is made with terry towel to absorb sweat and water at the wrist area. On the other hand, the gloves feature a warming effect for colder weather.

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