KZG is Launching “Easiest-To-Play” Driver Yet

KZG is the #1 Custom ProLine currently, and is launching its new OS-II Driver just in time for the holiday season. This driver is designed for high handicap players and beginners that have a tough time launching and keeping the ball in play. Players with slow swing speeds will be thrilled by the distance that they can achieve with this driver.


Jennifer King, President of KZG, states, “It’s time to grow the game. And the best way to do that is to give players a club that is ideal for their game. Our new OS-II driver is just one of our ten driver models and is definitely our “easiest-to-play” model due to its forgiveness, offset and variety of loft options.”

The offset as well as the closed club face is cosmetically concealed to give the OS-II a traditional and classy appearance. The driver offers a “crack of the bat” sound that is preferred by most players, along with a solid, meaty feel. Players who are high handicap that slice the ball as well as stronger players who swing from the outside will find the driver to be a great fit for them.

If you are a golfer that tends to close the face through impact or have a slower swing speed- this is the driver for you!

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