Need a Spot for a Special Event? You’ve Come to the Right Place

If you are looking for a unique, stunning and outstanding place to plan an event, fundraiser or tournament, Shining Rock is the place for you! With Shining Rock’s driven and motivated team, your event will be nothing short of excellent.

There are many different options offered for any size group that you choose to host an event for. Shining Rock offers an on-course grill, or a sit-down lunch depending on what you are looking for. In addition, during a tournament, Shining Rock will provide your group with an on-course beverage station! Post golf dinners are also available.

Shining Rock is the perfect location for any event!

Food and drink wise, Shining Rock offers a full breakfast buffet, burgers and hot dogs or a custom menu for your group cooked with fresh ingredients by Chef Balian.

If your plans include a contest or tournament for your group, you should check out Shining Rock’s live or silent charitable auctions or putting and chipping contests. For the end of your contests or tournaments, you can utilize Shining Rock’s golf gifts and tournament prizes!

For souvenirs or prizes, Shining Rock will provide your group with customized merchandise with your company’s logo, logo golf balls, hats and towels!

Shining Rock is the perfect location for any event!

There are a variety of different times that are available to plan your tournaments or contests at Shining Rock. With both morning and afternoon start times, your group will be provided with complementary breakfast or lunch as well as an exclusive use of Shining Rock’s event pavilion for lunch or dinner, plus more!

Screen shot 2015-02-17 at 10.20.35 AMShining Rock is the perfect location for any event or tournament that you are planning. From the beautifully stunning scenery to the outstanding menu options for both food and drink, you truly cannot go wrong with Shining Rock!

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