PGA National Re-Opens Nicklaus-Renovated Champion Course


After a re-grassing with cutting-edge Celebration Bermuda and a renovation of the 14th hole, PGA National Resort & Spa‘s Jack Nicklaus has been re-opened. The course has become even more playable and breathtakingly beautiful with it’s Celebration Bermuda grass locating the tees of The Champion Course.

Director of Agronomy at PGA National Resort & Spa, Lukus Harvey, states, “The Honda Classic field is perennially on par with golf’s four majors, and now we have the turf to provide similar conditions. Our resort guests and club members will love it because it provides a better year-around product, including upgraded irrigation. The grass is so dense you won’t get a bad lie.”

The 14th hole was also majorly fixed up. The green was moved on it, leading to “The Bear Trap” with water being 17 yards to the right. The tee was also moved back 10 yards, and bunkers were built in front and behind the green to further strengthen the 465-yard hole. Nicklaus states, “It produces a little more freedom and it produces a very strong par 4 going into the Bear Trap. I honestly believe it will be more exciting, but I don’t think it will be any more difficult.”

In addition to these changes, 20,000 square feet of spectator mounding has been added to the 14th hole, allowing fans a bird’s-eye view of the 14th green, the 15th tee and the 15th green. To learn more about PGA National Resort & Spa as well as The Champion Course, click here.

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