Ping nFlight Motion is Now Available in Europe

On October 6, PING announced that nFlight Motion would now be available for clubfitters in Europe to serve as an easy-to-use, highly accurate fitting tool that recommends PING driver-fitting specifications for golfers after only three shots. nFlight Motion depicts fitting recommendations on a iPhone or iPod touch. The SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer can be used in conjunction with nFlight Motion by attaching to the shaft below the grip and recording a range of swing variables such as clubhead speed, transition, and shaft lean at impact. nFlight Motion

PING Chairman & CEO, John A. Solheim, states, “With nFlight Motion, fitters can perform a precise PING fitting in a timely manner using a few key swing variables that make the process easy and extremely reliable. It’s simple to set up and operate. In only a few minutes, fitters can recommend the best loft and shaft for various PING driver models. It gives fitters one more innovative tool for growing their business and helping golfers play better and enjoy the game more.”

Additionally, Director of Clubfitting at Pine Oaks GC in South Easton, MA, Darren McKinnon, explains that the accuracy of the fittings with nFlight Motion is amazing. At Pine Oaks, they use nFlight Motion as a starting point for a driving fitter and it consistently supports the final specifications determined at the end of the fitting session.

Today, many people are still seen to be early adopters of nFlight Motion because of the fact that many facilities may not have the means to invest in extensive fitting technologies.

nFlight Motion utilizes the company’s nFlight app, which can be downloaded through the App store for an iPhone 4 or newer, or an iPod touch 5th generation or newer.

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