Pitchfix Classic Divot Tool

Picture this: You’re on the 18th par-3 in regulation with a put for birdie. If you make it, you shoot your career low. You feel confident and ready to create a new personal record. After reading the green you notice that other people have left ball marks on the line of your put. Nothing like having to spend a long time correcting other people’s mistakes to ruin your mojo. With the Classic Divot Tool by Pitchfix you’ll be able to fix the green in a quick manor.

The Classic Divot Tool is a one of a kind item that Pitchfix has carefully developed out of aircraft aluminum to be durable, lightweight and of course, classy. Customize your Divot Tool with 6 different color options and branding of initials, company or event logos. It doesn’t get more personal than that! The Classic Divot Tool also comes with a detachable ball marker, making this a multiuse product.

Pitchfix has created the best divot tool out there. They are known for their timeless, amazing quality, stylish products that will get the job done in a classic way. It’s even in the name!

Order yours today at pitchfixusa.com

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