SCNS Sports Food Introduces Gluten Free 1st Tee Trail Mix Bars

SCNS Sports Food has recently announced its newest addition to the 1st Tee and 10th Tee golf nutrition and energy bar family: the new gluten free Dark Chocolate Chip 1st Tee Trail Mix bars! A portion of the proceeds from these bars will be donated to The First Tee which works to promote positive youth development through golf.

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This bar is a combination of dark chocolate chips, gluten free oats and six different nuts and seeds. The bars have 8 grams of Protein and no artificial ingredients. To sweeten the bars, the company uses organic Agave Syrup.

Bill Stewart, Chief Operating Officer of SCNS Sports Food, states, “Whether a golfer is a scratch player or fights to break 100, they need sustained energy in order to play their best. Our gluten free Dark Chocolate Chip 1st Tee Trail Mix Bar, like all our 1st Tee and 10th Tee bars, is designed to help golfers sustain energy while providing great taste.”

These bars are available for purchase at over 2,000 different golf courses and retail outlets across America. For a healthy, delicious snack that you can take on the go, these bars are the perfect choice!

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