SuperStroke Flatso Ultra Helps Thailand Golf Championship Winner


The winner of the Asian Tour’s Thailand Golf Championship featured SuperStroke‘s Flatso Ultra putter grip to shoot a final round 67 and capture his 41st professional win!

The Flatso Ultra helped him to put consistently throughout the entire tournament. The champion averaged 27.5 putts per round and 24 putts on the final day of the tournament.

Jon Luna, SuperStroke USA Marketing Director, states, “The characteristics of the Flatso line help inhibit wrist action and promote shoulder rotation for added consistency in your putting stroke. The pentagonal shape allows players looking for the feel of a pistol grip option in the SuperStroke line.”

SuperStroke’s technology is extremely reliable in that it allows even pressure in both hands and eliminates added tension in the wrist and forearms. The removal of this added tension lets golfer’s swing more freely, which enhances a pendulum-putting stroke.

The grips are absorbent and feature a high-tech polyurethane material with cross traction technology to improve feel. If you are looking for consistency as well as lower scores- SuperStroke’s technology is perfect for you!

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