SwitchGrips Uses New Technology to Reinvent The Putter Grip

SwitchGrip has just released their new putter grip which is completely customizable and combines three changes to their existing grip technology. These changes include interchangeable size, interchangeable weights and interchangeable color.

The new technology will allow for the user to self-install every future grip combination that they could ever think of. These new grips solve the problem of a need for more accuracy and consistency by allowing users to control the switch of their grip fast without any assistance necessary.

SwitchGrips’ CEO, Eddie Rogacki, states, “SwitchGrips is a functional and convenient putter grip that is changing the landscape of the putting green. Every golfer is after the best device to improve their game and I am no different. As a semi-pro golfer I needed to find a way to adjust my putter grip much faster than the grips that were currently on the market. I knew that counterbalancing the grip would put the weight into the palm of my hand and this has proven to produce results on the green.”

Once the universal inner sleeve is on the putter, there are countless switchable options. It is extremely easy to switch colors, sizes and weights with SwitchGrips’ new technology. SwitchGrips can also serve as a great accessory because of how great it looks. It is durable, colorful and made great for the weather. These grips will be made available for the public to purchase after the 2015 PGA Trade Show!

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