Tef Tee™ Makes Top 5s on Three Continents

Tef Tee™ high performance golf tees were used by players last week on three continents. The golf tees finished in the Top 5 on the Champions Tour, the European Tour and the Asian Tour. teftee

Greg MacKeen, inventor of the world’s only tees with Teflon technology, states, “It is clear that tour professionals on multiple tours around the world have discovered the competitive advantage provided by the lower side spin rates from our innovative tees. Great product always rises to the top, and word is spreading fast that Tef Tee™ is a great product, as more pros are discovering how a little tee can make a big difference.”

The Tef Tee™ brand helps to eliminate forces between the tee and the ball that can distort ball flight. The tees allow the club to transfer energy more efficiently to the ball. This purer release reduces backspin and sidespin, resulting in longer, straighter drives. Robotic tests have been done that show an average of 5 yards less off-center dispersion compared to wood tees.

Only Tef Tee™ is able to deliver greater performance in three different areas. It allows for a greater distance and accuracy, great playability and greater value.

Tef Tee™ is the Fastest Growing Tee on Tour. Learn more here.

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