The Weather is Unpredictable, But Your Outfits Don’t Have to Be!

In New England, especially this year, it is almost impossible to predict the weather. One minute you are basking in the beautiful sunshine, the next you are trapped in your house in the middle of a blizzard. With this unpredictability comes the issue of deciding what to wear each morning. It can become extremely frustrating to dress for warmth and end up shivering all day long.

Wouldn’t it be outstanding to have a specific app dedicated to knowing exactly what to wear for each type of forecast?

Well, now there is!

Galvin Green is the world’s leading maker of functional golf clothing that was founded in 1990. The brand creates many different garments and accessories that provide the most exceptional comfort, freedom of movement and protection from the unpredictable elements. The company has recently launched their Golf-Specific “Dress for the Weather’ app!

‘Dress for the Weather’ is offered on the App store as well as on Google Play. This app allows golfers to choose from thousands of different courses throughout America. After you choose your course, it will provide you with a five-day forecast as well as a recommendation of exactly what you should wear and how you should layer it to be comfortable in that weather. It will list the expected levels of precipitation, temperature and wind speed.

Nicholai Stein, Brand Manager of Galvin Green, states, “We’re constantly exploring ways to add more value to the experience of our customers in connection with the Multi-Layer Concept we pioneered. Facing desert heat, howling Scottish winds or anything in between, golfers can stay ahead of the competition by choosing the proper outfit.”

In order to help promote their company, Galvin Green also includes a game within the app that allows players to challenge their friends to a match as well as stay updated with Galvin Green’s latest brand news.

Check out the ‘Dress for the Weather’ app for yourself through this brief demo video:

Galvin Green: 2015 App Teaser from Galvin Green on Vimeo.

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