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Hole 4 Par 4

The Rock

Intimidating isn’t it? The rock formation in front of you yields a clue as to the amount of blasting that was required to cut this golf course across the face of this hillside. While some may think this is the namesake of the course, the real Shining Rock is located just behind the 16th green. For now, you may want to think of this hole as your own private Alcatraz.

This short Par 4 is actually drivable with a precise shot. To carry the gorge, refer to the plates located in each tee box. If your ball enters the natural area below, local rules state that a ball should be dropped on the forward tee. If that doesn’t make it, please proceed to the drop area located on the other side of the gorge. Carts must stay on the path once you get to the other side.

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