U.S. Open Uses Tracker for Real-Time Putting

The StrackaLine Putt Tracker is the newest addition of technology to the U.S. Open at Pinehurst #2. This tracker allows you to see the reads of the Professionals in real-time as they tackle the firm and fast greens of a major championship course. “The greens are crazy difficult on #2”, said Jim Stracka. “With the StrackaLine Putt Tracker, you are able to see the shape of the green, elevation changes, and amount of break of each putt.”

The StrackaLine will be providing over 30 hours of simulcast this week for golf fans to watch.

“We are excited to provide StrackaLine for the TV viewer. The StrackaLine Apple App will help them better understand which way the putt will break while they are watching golf on TV”, said Jim Stracka. “With the addition of Pinehurst, you can watch the Pros putt this week at the U.S. Open.”

Maybe one day this great piece of technology will be available at The Rock.  Although our greens are not at major championship speeds all the time they do have some of the most difficult breaks in Massachusetts and one must be able to read the grain that pulls the ball toward the valley.

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