Volvik Announces DS-77 Hole-In-One Challenge

Volvik has officially announced their DS-77 Hole-in-One Challenge. The contest offers golfers $500 for making a hole-in one with their featured DS-77 golf ball.

The DS-77 golf ball is designed to perform with more spin on the ball around the greens. The ball comes in yellow, orange and white and sells for about $23 a dozen.

The contest began on September 15 and will end on June 30, 2015, or, until all 50 hole-in-ones are confirmed through the official contest rules.

Participants will have multiple attempts to win as every Par 3 allows for a new opportunity to win. Golfers must make the ace with the DS-77, the Dual Spin Extreme Distance Ball that spins less off the tee shot and spins more around the greens, increasing the probability of a hole-in-one.

In order to partake in this challenge, participants must register here.

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