Volvik Crystal 3-piece Golf Ball In Play on Champions Tour

Volvik launched the original Volvik Crystal ball in 2001, and it has gotten more popular ever since. The golf ball was played this past week at the Quebec Championship on the Champions Tour. RW Eaks, Champion Tour player, shot a 1st round -3 69 and was T12th after the 1st round at La Tempete Golf Course using a Yellow Volvik Crystal 3-piece ball.

National Director of Sales and Marketing for Volvik USA, Jon Claffey, states, “We believe the Volvik Crystal ball to be the highest performance low compression golf balls and having it in play in the Champions Tour now definitely backs this notion up.”

The Volvik Crystal 3-piece ball features the brightest colors in golf and can improve players’ games. According to Claffey, the ball “gives you the distance of an extreme distance ball, the compression needed for swings under 95 MPH to compress the ball all while providing the green side spin of a 3-piece tour ball.”

To learn more about Volvik and the Volvik Crystal 3-piece ball, click here.

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