Volvik Golf Balls #2 Most Played Ball on LPGA Tour

On the LPGA Tour this past week at Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship, Volvik finished as #2 most played golf ball manufacturer! The winning S3 golf ball ranked as the third most played golf ball model at the LPGA Tour event this week. Throughout this entire season, Volvik has finished as the #3 most played ball or higher during 13 different LPGA Tour events!

Volvik color golf balls, this past week, have earned three more Top 25 finishes this week in Taiwan with 14th place finish by Volvik staffer Chella Choi, a 15th place finish by Ilhee Lee and a 20th place finish by Mi Hyang Lee!

Volvik has a variety of different colors that have been used on the world’s professional tours, more than any other manufacturer in golf history! Volvik had a total of 195 instances of professionals using their Vista golf balls in tournament play in 2013.

Volvik specializes in multi-layer golf balls that feature 37 worldwide patents. Volvik manufactures a trusted, reliable golf ball that is used by many professionals around the world.

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