What Do You Think of the Redesign of Pinehurst No. 2?

What did you think of the (Coore / Crenshaw) redesign of Pinehurst #2 as the site of last week’s Men’s US Open & this week’s Women’s US Open? Did you likedt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls
the return to the original Donald Ross rustic feel – the single sprinkler line irrigation and more natural “native” areas?

Tell us what you think by commenting below or on Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #rockopinion.

Other famous golfers and celebrities have already shared their thoughts about the redesign. Here are four quotes we found interesting:

Donald Trump

phil mickelson“The redesign at Pinehurst was sensational, I think incorporating the native areas was just so well done,” Phil Mickelson said.


Jordan Spieth“I’ve never played anything like it,” said Jordan Spieth. “It’s already – right now, with the pins in the middle of the greens – hard enough for even par to win. It’s going to be extremely challenging.

Bill Coore“We think you are going to see some of the most spectacular recovery shots in US Open history,” said Bill Coore, one of the designers of Pinehurst No. 2.




Here is what @JasonDufner had to say after his first look at the course before last weeks US Open!


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