Wilson Golf Announces New D200 Irons

Wilson Golf has unveiled their upcoming release of the new D200™ irons that will be displayed at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show and are available for purchase on January 15th!

The D200 irons were created through Wilson Golf’s innovation team’s research. The team gathered their information through consumer feedback within the amateur testing. The technology that came from this research is the Speed Sole Technology™ that is a huge distance-related advancement.

Global Director of Innovation, Michael Vrska, explains, “We started by recognizing the Distance player’s needs revolve around distance and forgiveness. We looked at distance technologies we developed in other products, particularly the C100 irons, and how we could improve them. This led to prototypes with a reduced face and sole thickness transition that resulted in very high CT values, faster ball speeds and greater distance. It evolved into the Speed Sole concept.”

The brand new technology has a thinner face-to-sole transition that results in driver-like CT’s and faster ball speeds. The cutout also allows the face to flex more. The D200 iron’s weight is saved from the face and sole and then gets redistributed to heel and toe weight pods. These pods demonstrate the weight’s positioning on the perimeter and provide a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness.

The D200 driver has also been announced to complement the new irons. The driver features fairway woods and hybrids that all feature the Right Light Technology which makes it easier for distance players to swing faster with the same amount of effort.

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