Coming Soon this Summer

The Acorn

New England’s Premier Golf Practice Facility

The facility is designed to encourage a systematic approach to improving your game. Target greens have been positioned such that the practice session can be approached as any tour player does. First and foremost, the short pitch shot to target greens and pins force you to work the pitch shot and create tempo that promises consistency. Practice by starting with 20-50 yard soft pitch shots. Try varying the approach from low to high trajectory based upon the pin location, all while maintaining tempo.

Next, move to a half swing wedge, then to a full swing. The goal here is trust your swing to create proper gap yardages with your clubs. You will find target greens that will work you from 20 yards to over 200 yards, with greens shaped to challenge and create a fun practice environment, all the while focusing on shot making. The green furthest in the far left corner of the fairway is the exact shape and distance of the famed 17 at Pebble Beach. Here you will be challenged by a green that will likely require 3 different club selections from a front pin placement to the rear.

The wind may not be the same peeling off the Pacific Ocean, but the shot will feel similar from the tee. You also have a green that is fashioned after the famed 12th at Augusta, “Golden Bell” The shape replicates an elongated green with shallow depth to the right and a bail out area to the left. Practice your accuracy at distances from 100- 130 yards.

Once you cycle through the short game, you can then migrate to the distance area, with the goal of challenging you to enhance distance and accuracy by forcing you to aim at the Pebble 17th, and it will work you into a simple practice program to hone your tempo and accuracy. Using this facility as it has been designed will encourage fun and disciplined practice. Set games up on the tee with friends for closest to the pin on the many challenging targets. Work your way around the targets to master your distances and control your shots. Follow this routine and we assure you The Acorn practice facility will improve your game.

As the famed Ben Hogan once said “The more I practice, the luckier I get”